Success stories


 E.M.; "All the girls of my age are attending school except me"

At the age of ten (10) EM was arranged to marry a sixty (60) years old man. Her father who arranged everything did not enroll her to any school, since she was a wife to be he instructed her to stay home and wait for the marriage process to complete.

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Sharifa's story:

"Our life was good. We even managed to buy a plot and constructed our two room house. The future plan was to buy a big house.

All that changed when my husband decided to marry another wife just because his mother did not like me.

My husband convinced me that we moved from our house and rents somewhere near my workplace so that it will be easy for me to handle my child while working. I agree with him because it was a good idea.

After some days he asked me to visit my parents in Morogoro region as the opportunity for them also to see our baby.  I agreed to this without knowing the real intention of my partner.

Few days after my travelling to he sent me a text message: “you should keep on staying there as I have already married another woman and I don’t need you anymore.”

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Devotha is one among many women in the society who are facing a lot of problems from their families’ side or spouse’s side due to different reasons - mainly the issue comes with divorce.


"If TAWLA was not there I don’t know what could happened to me and my kids. I don’t dare to imaging. I will keep on encouraging other women who are facing similar problem as mine to visit the office for help because there is a solution – and it is a fair one too!”, explains Devotha.

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Case1: Husband had two marriages

A young Tanzanian woman come to the office in Dar Es Salaam to seek legal support. She asked us to help her with her matrimonial situation. Our client found out that her husband had contracted two marriages: A Christian (with another wife) and a Civil in which E. (our client, the second wife) was married under. “I don’t want to be married to a man who has two wives.”, our client said. For this reason, she separated with the husband who later sued her in order to compel her to come back and continue with the marriage. TAWLA took the case in court, which declared that the marriage was unlawful since the Christian marriage was already existing – our client won the case.

Case 2: Husband sold matrimonial house

Our client instituted a suit against the husband who had - without her consent sold their matrimonial house – during the divorce. “This house was ours! Bad enough that my husband didn’t even ask, when he sold the house - but I would like to have at least the money which I am entitled to receive. Or do I not have any rights?”, asked F. TAWLA presented F. in court, which ruled that the money was to be equally distributed upon pronunciation of divorce in the trial court.





One woman with a daughter of seventeen years came to TAWLA to seek legal assistance on how she can claim back property/proceeds of the property of her late father who died abroad. The woman gave birth to the girl out of wedlock but the father had been providing for the child even after marrying another woman from Kenya. When man died in United Kingdom his father and relatives sold his house situated at Sinza without informing the woman or the child. There was an arrangement between the father of the child and the woman that the woman will be receiving rent accrued from that house for maintenance of the child, and for years the woman has been taking part of the rent from the house. After discovering that the house was sold they came to TAWLA.

TAWLA issued a letter to the relatives who sold the house for them to come for reconciliation. During the meeting with the disputing parties under the guidance of TAWLA lawyers, it was discovered that it is true the house was a property of the late father to the child and it was sold by the relatives. TAWLA lawyers informed the parties legal implications of illegally dealing with deceased estate and enjoying/using proceeds from the deceased and leave out lawful heirs of the deceased. The parties under supervision of TAWLA lawyers arrived to a mutual agreement and pay back the child the amount of Tanzanian Shillings Fifty Million (50, 000,0000) as compensation. 




One lady Morishe, who is an owner of a house came to TAWLA to seek legal assistance because she was sued by her tenant. Lady Morishe rented her house to one man. At the time they entered into the lease agreement the house had no power/ electricity. After several months the tenant started to insist and push that the landlady should make arrangement with TANESCO for power connection.

Before she managed to follow up on the request by the tenant, the tenant went to court and instituted a case claiming a huge amount of money as compensation from the landlady, claiming that his electrical appliances went off for non use. TAWLA represented the lady and the legal defense raised by TAWLA was that the man entered into lease agreement with the lady knowing that the house had no electricity. The court dismissed the case.




One lady cohabited with a man for several years and they were not blessed with any issue. The happily moment came to an end and the man started physically harassing the woman. She came to TAWLA to seek legal assistance. TAWLA instituted petition for divorce and division of matrimonial properties claiming that presumption of marriage existed between the parties since they stayed together as husband and wife and the society around them regarded them as husband and wife. Also the properties under custody of the man were generated during cohabitation.

TAWLA successfully drafted legal documents for the proceedings and coached the woman for self representation. Later the court delivered a judgment on woman’s favor and ordered the man to pay the woman Tanzanian Shillings Twenty Million (20,000,000) as her portion on the matrimonial properties as the husband opted to do so instead of selling the properties and divide the proceeds.