One of TAWLA's main objectives is to support the professional advancement of women lawyers in Tanzania and we do this through:

1.    Networking
2.    Mentoring
3.    Volunteering Opportunities
4.    Access to further education, training & support
5.    Providing a forum for the profession

Membership is open to all women lawyers and students of law in Tanzania. For more information please download a copy of the application form and send it to office{at} or call us on +255 (0) 222 862 865


Members Affairs Committee is a committee that was formed by the Annual General Meeting 2012. The main purpose was to recruit new members, and oversee all members’ issues and check reasons for having many dormant members and how we can solve that problem and further make TAWLA a member based and owned organization. The committee had four members which volunteered to do the work with TAWLA Secretariat and provide feedback during 2013 AGM. The committee works to find solutions and strategies to make dormant members more active.


The Members Affairs Committee includes the following:

  • Maria Matui- chairperson
  • Athanasia Soka- Member
  • Victoria Mandari-Member
  • Nelly Mwasonge-Member


How to become a TAWLA Member:

  1. Any female lawyer or advocate is welcome to become a member of TAWLA
  2. The following are the requirements:
    • Your curriculum vitae
    • Copies of your academic certificates
    • A passport size photograph
    • Your one-off membership registration fee (TZS 15,000)
    • Your annual subscription (non-advocates TZS 30,000/advocate TZS 50,000)

How you can pay?

  • TAWLA NBC Account number 011103006461
  • Mpesa number 0752286286
  • Tigo number 0658386286