About us

Welcome to Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA). Tanzania Women Lawyers Association (TAWLA) is an Association founded in 1989 and officially registered in 1990. The founding members comprised a professional group of women lawyers who felt the need for an organization that could promote an environment guaranteeing equal rights and access to all by focusing on vulnerable and marginalised groups especially women and children. The founding members also recognised the need for women lawyers to foster mutual support for each other in professional advancement and social responsibility. TAWLA now has more than 570 members.


  • Providing legal aid services to vulnerable women and children
  • Promoting land rights for women and children
  • Raising awareness on child labour issues and the treatment of juvenile Detainees
  • Campaigning for good governance
  • Undertaking policy and legislative research and advocacy
  • Strengthening the capacity and sustainability of the organization (TAWLA)


Over the years, it has been our quest to ensure that TAWLA’s vision and mission are carried out and our core values upheld. Some of our commendable achievements include:

  • Reaching over 2 million people by raising awareness on legal rights through media awareness campaigns both on the radio and television, community conversations  and training paralegals to be better equipped to serve our communities.
  • TAWLA provides legal aid directly to over 2,000 women and children per year.
  • Directly working for legal reform in Tanzania, including giving women the right to own property with the passage of the Land Acts of 1999 and Sexual Offenses (special provision) Act 2008, Amendment of the law of Marriage Act 197, HIV/AIDS Prevention Act of 2008, the law of the Child  of 2009, to give women protection from Gender Based Violence.
  • Coordinating the Gender Land Task Force (GLTF) which is a coalition of nine organizations working collectively to advocate for women land rights
  • Assisting women by promoting will writing to speed the resolution of inheritance issues as well as assisting women in probate matters. So far more than two hundred will
  • Mobilizing lawyers to help vulnerable people through legal aid clinics in Dar Es  Salaam, Tanga, Dodoma and Arusha
  • Creating a network of over 570 women lawyers

TAWLA continues to provide legal aid services to women, campaign for women and children's human rights, advocate for good governance, and create forums for women lawyers to build their professional capabilities in the hopes of ensuring greater representation for women in government.